7 Positive Points of Summer’s End

Here we are, at the end of another peak season in Navarre, Florida. Vacation rental revenue will start to go down, the beach rentals will decline, and the service industry will certainly take a hit. However, there are also some things that local’s can look forward to with the peak season coming to a close soon:

1. THE TRAFFIC: Although will still be tight on Highway 98 during rush hours, the out of state tags will be a bit more few and far between. Those of you that commute to Fort Walton Beach or Pensacola, may not have to leave an hour early now!

2. THE BEACH: You can reclaim your beach! The rental beach chairs and umbrella counts will decline, and parking will expand. The temperature even drops below blood boiling to a comfortable heated blanket level. This is one of the BEST times for locals to hit the beach.

3. THE BUTTER: Humidity starts its decline soon. Soon, instead of walking outside to check the mail and feeling like you just hit a wall of hot butter, you may even get back to your home without even breaking a sweat.

4. THE GROCERY STORE: The lines start to subside, the inventory starts to reappear, and not to be repetitive, but the lines start to subside!

5. THE WAIT: Yes! You can go to your favorite local restaurant, and it is conceivable that you are seated right away! Wait times are all but eliminated when the peak season ends.

6. THE SCHOOL: Schools back in! The kids are occupied, and receiving an education! Mom and Dad can go back to work, and get back into their normal routine, if there is such a thing!

7. THE WEATHER: When the Summer comes to a close, and Fall approaches, it is about the best time of the year to enjoy the outdoors in Navarre, Florida. There is no hustle and bustle of spring break, yet the thermometer reads about the same. The water is still very comfortable to swim in, and the fishing activity is still high.

There are many reason to enjoy a summer in Navarre, Florida as well. For those of us that live in the area, we have a bit of a post summer sigh of relief. We made it!

Shannon Ireland – Navarre Beach Realty Web Designer