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  • We just moved here and were looking for a rental property. Having previously lived in the area before and rented from Navarre Beach Realty we turned to their services once again. We found a property quickly and moved through the process with no trouble at all. The team did a great job and were extremely professional and helpful.

    Tony C
  • Great service and a professional attitude! Janie was very knowledgeable of the area and there where no problems getting renters into the property that I owned. Once it came time for me to sell…. They did an awesome job!

    Charles B
  • We made a long move and jumping into a rental that we’ve never seen before. It was definitely scary however Jane was absolutely amazing and caring! She answered all of our questions and was very helpful with everything! I definitely recommend them!

    Brittany C


Navarre is a community in the Northwest Florida, that is one of the most sought after areas in the Southeast for families to call home. Known as one of Florida’s Best Kept Secrets, Navarre’s tourism industry is beginning to flourish. From Pristine white shorelines, emerald-colored water, scenic trails, exhilarating water activities, to vibrant shopping areas, Navarre practically has everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable retreat.

Other than its natural charm to vacationers, Navarre Beach is a perfect place to live for people from all walks of life. This paradise is considered as one the fastest growing areas in the state. It is the location of one of Florida’s top school districts and has a thriving economy opening a world of job and business opportunities.

Navarre Beach Realty is your ultimate partner to make Navarre your new home, especially for those in search of a quality home.

Finding a Navarre Beach Home For Sale Has Never Been Easier

Our company has a comprehensive list of Navarre Beach homes for sale. Our extensive selection of properties is so diverse, you will have plenty of options in your hands to find the perfect house that suit your needs. As a premier real estate agency, our vast listing will put an end to your search.

Browse through our listings of Navarre Beach homes for sale and contact us today for inquiries.

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