Its hot and the bugs are biting!

Ouch! Its that time of year where the bugs come out, and they are biting! Here are a few ways to protect yourself and your home from these critters!!

Your home!
Mosquitos thrive in bodies of water, they lay their eggs in bodies of water. Unfortunately for us Floridians it rains here on a regular basis. But a few things you can do to prevent mosquitos around your house is to go in your yard and empty out containers that are retaining water. This prevents the mosquitos from laying their eggs therefore keeping them away from your yard. Check for old wasps nests, take them down if they are unoccupied, if they are please call your local exterminator. Get your yard sprayed every quarter this helps keeps critters at bay. Keep ants at a minimum by placing ant killer around their mound.

Your body!
Bugs are attracted to sweet scents. Yes you may love your perfume but if you are going to be outside for most of the day its best to not wear it.
Wear unscented lotions and sunblock, again insects love sweet smells.
Apply bug repellant early and often.

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