Lets get fit

Summer is right around the corner and everyone is starting to get fit! But exercise alone won’t help you get the body you wish for, you also have to eat clean! Here are a few tips that will help you reach your fitness goal!

1. Cut it out!
Cut out over processed foods that are high in fat and sugar. Look at the labels of the food you eat if you have a struggle pronouncing its ingredients, then it probably best that you put it back on the shelf! Your body is a temple why fill it up with food that is bad for you?!

2. Shop on the outer perimeter of the grocery store.
Stores were all built similarly, with produce, dairy, and meat departments on the perimeter of the store. Shop mostly in these areas this ensures that what you consume and cook will be fresh.

3. Go to the farmers market!
Farmers markets are the best places to get foods that high in nutrition and flavor. Not to mention they are local, mostly organic, and you support a small business.

4. Talk to your doctor.
Make sure you are taking the appropriate steps to bettering your health. Sit down with your doctor and draw out a plan for you and your family!

5. Have fun.
Exercise doesn’t have to be hard work! Take a dance class or grab your friends for a fun group walk or run!

6. Make smart choices when you eat out.
Most restaurants provide calorie charts for their menu items. Look at what is available and what you could possibly eat. You don’t always have to eat salad and hummus!

7. Love your body!
This is most important! Reach a realistic goal that you can reach! Weather it takes you a few weeks or a few years as long as you love yourself that is most important!