Maintaining your septic tank

Septic tank systems are common in the Gulf Coast area, they help reduce waste as well as help save money. Septic tanks seem scary but they are easy to maintain! Here are a few tips to help you!

1.) Locate your septic tank and pump. Uncover your access hole.

2.) Have your tank inspected by a professional every three years. Make sure they inspect for leaks, sludges and and scum layers should be measured.

3.) Make sure you dispose your waste properly. A few things you should not flush are: coffee grinds, hygiene products, cleaning products, cigarette butts, etc.

4.) Measure washer loads accordingly. By doing multiple loads of laundry a day, you flood your septic system and draining field.

5.) Additives are important to maintaing your septic system. Not only do additives help break down waste they also prolong times in between pumping.

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