Navarre Property Management Q&A

Q: What do I get for my monthly management fee?

A: Your Property Management fee includes:

  • The market presence and reputation of Navarre Beach Realty, Inc. in dealing with Navarre real estate.
  • Tenant interaction including rent collection.
  • Navarre Beach Realty Property Management team’s knowledge base and expertise.
  • Leases and other documentation that are legally sound.
  • Available contact to effective landlord/tenant attorneys.
  • Peace of mind.

Q: Should pets be allowed?



  • Pet owners must provide a nonrefundable fee of $350.00 of which $250.00 is paid to the property owner.
  • Pet owners may stay longer as availability of other property is limited.
  • Two or more pets can actually be better than one as they are less likely to cause damage due to anxiety or boredom.


  • Pets can create damage and odor if not carefully supervised.
  • Carpet generally requires more frequent replacement.
  • It can be difficult to obtain reliable references on pets from former landlords.
  • Pet damages sometimes exceed the amount of deposits which can be difficult to collect.

Each case has its own risks and rewards and should be considered on an individual basis. The following are some factors to ponder when making the consideration:

  • Do you have pets or have pets previously been in the property?
  • Does the property have older carpet?
  • Do you intend to occupy the property yourself at some point?
  • Would you likely upgrade many items in the property?

Q: How long will it take to rent my Navarre condo or home?

A: There are various conditions that affect the rental of a property including location, supply/demand, condition and time of year. The Navarre Beach Realty Property Management Team will suggest a reasonable rent based on these and other market factors.

Q: My property manager has suggested that I make some changes and improvements before placing the property on the rental market. I’m not selling- why should I go to all this trouble and expense for tenants?

A: Higher caliber of tenants, a shorter amount of time on the market and a higher rent can all be accomplished by a well-maintained property. Money not invested wisely when your property first becomes available for rent could be spent on expenses incurred over longer periods of vacancy and the problems that accompany lesser-qualified tenants.