Sun here we come!

Summer is right around the corner! Lets face it we all love to hang out on the beach on that perfect summer day! But lets be real for a minute, we have to be safe when it comes to spending time in those rays here are a few tips!

1. protect your lips!
Wear a chap stick that has some SPF in it at least 15 SPF.

2. Make up with SPF!
Hey ladies when looking that new it product ensure that the makeup you decide to wear contains some form of SPF and always apply a moisturizer that contains SPF.

3. Wear it early, wear it often!
Apply sunblock before you put you head outside. this allows for the product to set before seeing those rays and also prevents it from sweating off or coming off in the water. Reapply sunblock every couple hours, even in spots that are not exposed to the sun!

4. Block that sun!
Find spots that are shaded if possible! Bring an umbrella or beach tent with you. This helps keep you cooler as well as helps block and harsh UV rays.

5. Stay hydrated!
Drink water often! By staying hydrated you have less of a chance of getting sun burned!

Consult with your local dermatologist to learn about more ways to help you fight the sun this summer and always be safe when it comes to being outside!

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