Why You Should Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit

It’s the start of summer. Now to turn that air conditioning unit on. Your unit should be maintained every year. Coils, fins, and filters should be cleaned or replaced when needed. A simple maintenance job usually runs for about $300. Seems expensive but when not maintained a new unit or repair job can run anywhere from $2,000 to $10,00 dollars. Seems not so bad now. When a unit is properly maintained, it can run more efficiently which saves home owners and extends the life of a unit. A properly maintained unit will has an expected life expectancy of about 10 or more years.

What To Do If…

Your AC unit won’t turn on: there may not be power to your unit or your thermostat may not be correctly set (check battery, breaker, and setting.) If it is still not working call a repair man.
It is not getting cold enough! Remember your unit can keep the temperature inside your home about 30 degrees cooler then it is outside. That being said clean and change your air filters, this helps with air flow. Make sure your unit has shade, the hotter it gets the harder it works, costing you money!
You have some water leaking. This is simple make sure your drain line is free of clogs and is connected all the way.

If you still cannot get your unit to work properly call your local Air Conditioning Specialist.

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